Problem 99

Problem 99

Largest exponential

Comparing two numbers written in index form like 211 and 37 is not difficult, as any calculator would confirm that 211 = 2048 < 37 = 2187.

However, confirming that 632382518061 > 519432525806 would be much more difficult, as both numbers contain over three million digits.

Using base_exp.txt(right click and ‘Save Link/Target As…’), a 22K text file containing one thousand lines with a base/exponent pair on each line, determine which line number has the greatest numerical value.

NOTE: The first two lines in the file represent the numbers in the example given above.


比较两个如211和37这样写成幂的形式的数并不困难,任何计算器都能验证211 = 2048 < 37 = 2187。

然而,想要验证632382518061 > 519432525806就会变得非常困难,因为这两个数都包含有超过三百万位数字。